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Samstag Sales can supply you with any new Hazet tool. If you are looking for the Round Toolbox or other old out of production HAZET tools, we provide some information on this page. We also list the recommended new replacements for the old tools, and any old tools we may have for sale. We have contacts to collectors with the old HAZET tools you need to complete your restoration. Some of these collectors do not have a web page or access to the Internet. Email us with your request for any old HAZET tool, we will put you in touch with a collector.
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Assistent®  Spare Tire Kit
Special Offer


Last Update: January 14, 2020
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New HAZET Replacements for the Old Tools in the Round Toolbox
(For price on new tools, see our HAZET page )
Old Tool Number
New Tool Number
Picture for
new tool
HAZET 16" Tool Box with Full circle on the back. Single End 36 Wrench. No small phillips Screwdriver.

HAZET 15"  Tool Box with a 3/4 circle on the back. With 36x21 wrench and small phillips screwdriver.

HAZET 760 Universal pliers 760N-3 (with black plastic handles)
powerful overlapping jaws.
HAZET 600-14 combo wrench  600N-14mm (Picture)
HAZET 600-13 combo wrench 600N-13mm Picture
HAZET 450-7x8mm wrench 450N-7x8mm see HZ page
HAZET 450-10x12mm wrench 450N-10x12mm see HZ page
HAZET 1850-6 pliers 1850-2 pliers - No Longer Available
HAZET  527 fuel pump wrench
Old VW number VW126b
2528-13 wrench
2527-13 - No Longer Available
HAZET 811-6, 811-9R screwdriver 815-3 - No Longer Available Picture
HAZET 813-2 screwdriver 815-1 - No Longer Available Picture
HAZET 814-02A stubby screwdriver

Not available

HAZET 772-2 Lug Nut wrench Not available .
HAZET 764 Spark Plug Tool  Not available .
HAZET 2561-21x36mm wrench Not available .
HAZET 561-36mm wrench Not available .
Special Offer: The Weiner Foundation is offering restored round tool boxes with original tools!

#1 Restored 15 inch VW tool box complete. Blue original color, flocking, clips, rivets, decals, stickers, NOS Tools but reproduction screwdrivers.
Included are 2 tool box books free. $1599.00 each. Ships in 2 boxes.

#2 Restored  15 inch HAZET Tourister round tool box.
Blue original color, flocking, clips, rivets, decals, stickers, NOS Tools but reproduction screwdrivers. Included are 2 tool box books free. $1699.00 each. Ships in 2 boxes.

#3 Restored 16 inch round tool box for the split window bug.  Call for current price and info. NOTE: The last one sold for $6500.00 so expect to make a serious investment if you need one.
PLEASE NOTE: HAZET of Germany will NOT make the old tools for you, even if you want to buy hundreds of them. HAZET will not supply the Blue paint.
Old VW LOVE Bug - Samstag Sales

1962 VW Beetle
1962 VW Beetle  1962 Beetle Engine Bay

1962 VW Beetle Trunk      1962 VW Beetle Rear
1962 VW Type 1 Sedan, White Paint, New Interior, Pop Out Windows, AM & FM Radio in Glove Box, Beautiful Speakers front & rear, Lowered Front End, Converted to 12v, good tires and brakes, Engine recently gone over, runs like a new car, left and right side mirrors, floors in excellent condition, new carpet and mats, new roof rack, threshold plates, rubbers and chrome all good condition. The only thing you need to do to this car is turn the key !!!
   1962 VW Type 1 Sedan   Price: $13999 or OBO  
Please Note: Samstag Sales in not an automotive dealer. Cars featured here are for sale by our customers.  We can provide you with the owner's contact information on request. Any sale would be between you and the car's owner.

Old Porsche Tools
Old Tool
HAZET 450-11x14
Double Open End Wrench

Spark Plug Wrench 240mm long 21mm 13/16"

Other Old HAZET Tools 
Out of Production--For Information Only.  Not for sale from Samstag Sales.
Old Tool 
Old HAZET V-10 Double Open End Wrench 8mm x 13mm. Type DIN 895 black finish. In good used condition.
*No long available.


HAZET Overhead Valve Adjust Tool for Mercedes. For valve adjustment on old Mercedes Benz 6 cylinder from 1950-1965. It is a special 14mm crowfoot wrench with sliding T-handle and a long flat blade screwdriver.

Not Available
329-5 Here is a used set of HAZET tools for Ford. You get a HAZET 19mm valve adjust wrench for old Ford Engines with OHC and Weber Carburetors. This is the old HAZET type 329-5 wrench with 1/2" drive. It is in excellent used condition. You also get a HAZET 3429 wrench.  It is a hinged 15mm wrench about 8 inches long.
Not Available

New Old Stock HAZET 625/8 Shallow Offset Metric Wrench Set with used Zelenda tool roll. With size 625-6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x18, 17x19, and 21x22mm. Someone wrote 600N on the tool roll, but this is a 625/8 set.  It is a blue vinyl tool roll in good used condition. The number size stamping varies on these wrenches.  The 8x9 and 21x22 are different than the other ones. A great deal on a NOS wrench set, and original old Zelenda tool roll.



HAZET 1966-05 windshield wiper arm puller claw. M10 x 1.5mm female threads. The claw has a 17mm opening. A slide hammer in NOT included. You will need a KUKKO 22-0 or similar metric slide hammer to use with this tool. *No Longer Available.



1966-1 HAZET 1966-1 Impact Puller Set for brake pads. Includes impact hammer and claw with 5.9mm pins. This tool measures 9 1/2" when fully extended. No Longer Available!

 2502 Spark plug wrench made of special mat chrome-plated steel with rubber retainer and angular handle bar. 20.8mm-13/16" socket.

Not Available
 2513  Special Flat or Bent single open end for front end work on VW

T-Handle socket with 8mm square for shift rod coupling. See AMF 44115 for a tool with 8mm square. Click here.
Not Available
 2525K Lockring Pliers, Spare Jaws are No. 2525K-1

Not Available
2566-2 Remove the Slotted Rosette Nuts on the Dash Switches of old VW. Toggle Swith Face Nut Screwdriver.

Not Available
 2567 VW Oil service wrench  21mm box and 17mm hex key. Similar to discontinued Elora tool 223.

Not Available
 2568 Volkswagen Type 1,2,3,4 Valve Adjustment Tool. Old Air Cooled VW Bus, Squareback, and Station Wagen. We sold this one for $249.50 and shipped it to Australia. Sorry, we have none for sale today, and may never find another one.
. .

 Not Available
HAZET 2574 Valve Depressor VW-Audi 4 cylinder gas and diesel up to 1982 Golf. Similar to VW factory tool VW546.


Valve Stem Seal Press tool. This tool is no longer available from HAZET.

See Porsche Page

Used HAZET 2739 Long 5mm Universal Joint Socket for Mercedes Benz.  It is a 3/8" drive with a 5mm hex bit. About 247mm (9-3/4") long. Used - excellent condition.


HAZET 2761 Extension 1/2" drive 8-Ball. We used to sell this set for turning over a Mercedes engine. It was a 1/2' push thru ratchet, 27mm socket, and the HAZET 2761 extension. Mercedes Number 617 589 00 16 00.
You could remove the plug from the ratchet and use the HAZET 8-Ball Extenstion.  Hazet did not make a push thru ratchet at the time, so we supplied a Heyco or Gerore ratchet. The set was usually supplied with a Stahlwille socket.

 2913 Special 24MM open end wrench. 
A customer reports "the 24mm is for BMW tie rod lock nut.  The other end is to open the older BMW's front strut cartridge (on E30s and earlier). The front strut dropped into a cassing that would have a screw down retainer, kind of like the adjustment wheel on a coil-over suspension."

 Click here.
Not Available
 HAZET 3835 Used Valve Adjustment Screwdriver. It is listed in the 1981 catalog for Renault. But we don't know what engine this would be for. It is missing the wrench part of the tool. There is a snap ring to hold the wrench in place. You might bend a Stahlwille type 21 wrench and make something to replace it with. See the old catalog illustration showing the bend in the wrench. HAZET no longer makes the flat wrench in the pattern you would need. This tool is is nice condition for the age. * No Longer Available

4501 Solex, Zenith, Stromberg Carburettor Adjustmernt.

Not Available
4518 New Old Stock "NOS" HAZET extra long Pierburg Carburetor Screwdriver W-Germany. It measures about 14" (360mm) long. This is the model 4518 screwdriver with a special "wood-screw" tip. It is made to remove the safety plugs of mixture control and idling adjustements on carburetors. It is same as the Mercedes-Benz number 102 589 03 33 00 factory tool. A fine quality tool that was Made in Germany. No longer available from HAZET, **No Longer Available.


HAZET "Assistent" Survey
From the 1954 Catalog.

Mini Assi. Small version of the Folding Assistent "Standard". 590x345mm. Found in 2010 Special WorldWide Sale paper.

3 leg seat. 320mm high. To fit Assistent 161, 162, or 166TS.

161 The 161 has one tray in the middle. The 1958 catalogs shows 2 blue knobs. The newer catalogs show one blue knob at swivel caster end. A black knob at the oppostie end. Single Wheel swivel caster. It does NOT fold down for storage! You can see a hole in the end above the fixed caster. This is for storage of the 3-leg seat. The photo has the number as 161L. This is the empty (leer)

The 162 has 2 trays in the middle. The 1958 catalogs shows 2 blue knobs. The newer catalogs show one blue knob at swivel caster end. A black knob at the oppostie end. Single Wheel swivel caster. It does NOT fold down for storage! You can see a hole in the end above the fixed caster. This is for storage of the 3-leg seat.

The box will fold down for storage. The Pillars can be  removed and stored on the side. One blue knob at swivel caster end. A black knob at the oppostie end. Single Wheel swivel caster.


Older Style. Black Wheels. Folding Pillars, Dual Wheel swivel casters.  For spare parts click here.

166N Newest Style. Gray Wheels. Folding Pillars, Dual Wheel swivel casters. Still available from Germany.  For spare parts click here.
Bocki has made a modified HAZET Assistent trolley! Take a look. If you have a special HAZET Assistent please send us a picture and we can post it on this page.


Fran in the UK sent this picture of the old Hazet lighting fixture that mates to the HAZET 166N.


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