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Contact Information
Send us an email.of the tools you would like to, or use our PayPal Shopping Cart. For items not in the shopping cart, we prefer to do business by Internet email, especially if you have a large list of tools. We can not accept large orders by phone. If you need to leave a credit card number, order a few tools, or have a concern that must be answered by phone, our call-in hours are 8:00am-Noon and 1pm-4pm Central Daylight Time on Monday-Friday.  Our voice phone line is 615-735-3388. Please Do Not Fax us a request for quote. As of Sep 1, 2023 we no longer operate a fax machine. We accept Requests for Quotes by email.

Please email for current price. All prices are in US Dollars. Send your request by email. A link to our email address is at the bottom of each page. Or you can type:

We ship World-Wide. See the list of countries we have shipped to, click here.
COVID-19 Information
Samstag Sales is a supplier of special tools to the Food Manufacturing Industry. We were designated as Critical Infrastructure Workers during the past COVID-19 outbreak. We will give our Food Industry customers the highest priority. And we stand ready to respond to the next challenge. At the beginning of the past pandemic we received a letter which included the section below:

Ordering by email from Samstag Sales Online
is a simple 4 step process. 
(1.) Send us a request by email for a quote on the tools you would like. We have no minimum order. Please send your email in plain text to:
(2.) We will respond with a quote and payment options. 
(3.) If you are happy with the total, send us payment
(4.) We ship the tools! See the list of countries we ship to, click here.
(1.)  Request a Quote.
Send us an email of the tools you would like. We have no minimum order. Please include a brand name and tool number in your email if possible. Include your address and zip code so we can calculate shipping costs from Carthage Tennessee. For help with the email, see our quote procedure below. Insurance is extra and at the option of the buyer. Please ask if you would like insurance. Due to the limited availability of German made hand tools, we do not accept mail orders at this time. Please email or call first. All orders must be confirmed before payment is sent. Tools with an "add to cart" button can be purchased right away in our shopping cart. Please note: We do not open eMail attachments such as Excel files, etc. Wir schreiben ein wenig Deutsch, leider sprechen Wir nicht Deutsch.
(2.) We Respond with your order total.
We will check our stock and email you with the stock status, current price, and shipping costs. All prices are in US dollars. Most in stock items ship the same day your payment is received. Some items are special order only and not kept in stock. Special order items are non-returnable, and the order is non-cancelable. Delivery on some special orders can take 4-8 weeks. Any delay will be noted in our email to you.
(3.) Send us Payment.
If you are happy with the total, you can usually pay with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or pay with PayPal. For business customer we take ACH. 

For some orders over $700.00 and some special order items we require payment by bank wire transfer or Cashiers Check. Your quote will include payment options.

Sales TAX: Tennessee residents must add 9.75 % sales tax. There is a recent Supreme Court ruling that has changed the interpretation of the law. All of the sudden we have new sales tax collection requirements by State. Right now, it is total Chaos. It is running up our cost and will result in higher prices to our customers, in addition to the sales tax customers will pay. Researching the laws and collecting sales tax for dozens of States is going to be too much work! We are monitoring the situation, and will make adjustments as needed. We hope the US Congress will step in and create some order. At this time, many States ask that you self-report your purchases on the Internet and pay the applicable sales tax direct to your state. We did collect 7.25% Sales Tax for the State of California from April 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. But then California changed the law, now we don't have to!

BANK WIRE: To send us a payment by bank wire, please email us for the routing information. Please see our quote for the total you need to pay. Orders must be confirmed before payment is sent. We can accept a bank wire in Euro   or US $ Dollars, only for larger orders. This payment option will be listed in your quote. PLEASE NOTE: When using Bank Wire Payment, you must inform your bank that the communications charge of the Correspondent Bank must be paid by the wire sender. We must receive the full amount!

CREDIT CARD: If you would like to pay with American Express, Visa , Mastercard or Discover Card, please call us with the full name on the card, card billing address, shipping address, card expiration date, and card number. Please see our call in hours in the contact information box at the top of this page.  If we sent you a quote and you know your order total, you can pay online with a credit card using Paypal, even if you don't have a PayPal Account. Let us know you want to pay online with a credit card and we can send you a PayPal Payment Request.   

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Pay with Credit Card

PAYPAL: If we gave you a phone or email quote, and you know your exact total, you can send a paypal payment directly to our paypal address. When sending Paypal, please send only one payment for the total with shipping. If you have an eMail address for PayPal that is different than your regular eMail address, then please include your regular address in the notes section on PayPal. We track the order by your email address. You can click on the PayPal logo at the top of this page. Or log into your PayPal account and send the payment to the following email address:      PayPal Payment Address:

PAYPAL SHOPPING CART: The Samstag Sales Online site has a PayPal Shopping Cart and "Add to Cart" Buttons.  You can use the PayPal Shopping Cart to pay for the tools right away using a Credit Card or your paypal account. We will receive an email from PayPal with your order, and we will ship your tools as soon as possible. If we receive the order by 3:00 pm CDT we can usually ship the same day. If for some reason an item is out of stock when you place the order, we will ship the backorder item within 30 days. You will be notified about the stock status by email. This shopping cart calculates shipping by value. For more shipping options, email us with your shipping address and list of tools. Shipping will be provided by US Postal Service Priority Mail for most tools.  Priority mail is 2-4 Day delivery to most of the USA. Some heavy tools will cause the order to ship by UPS Ground. Look for a note in the description that calls for UPS Ground shipping.  At our option, we may also ship other orders by UPS Ground when it will save money . UPS Ground delivery could take up to 7 days.  

USA Domestic Shipping:

FREE SHIPPING! LIMITED TIME OFFER. Buy $50.00 or more using our shopping cart and receive FREE Shipping to any of the lower 48 United States. You must use our shopping cart to take advantage of this offer. Phone orders and email quotes do not qualify. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, will be billed for additional shipping charges as needed. Normally only for large heavy items that we would normally ship by UPS Ground. This offer will expire without notice. Your order must total $50 or more of in stock items. Special orders, and back orders do not qualify for free shipping. Samstag Sales will select the best shipping method. If necessary we will combine items to make 1 shipment. Orders under $50 will ship for $8.99 with these same conditions.

Shipping defaults to Priority US Mail. At our option we may ship UPS Ground or First Class Mail when it will save money. Call or eMail for Next Day Air and other shipping options!

International Shipping for Export:
We can ship by FedEx,UPS, or Post Office Priority Mail. But you will need to request a quote first!  Delivery time varies and can take up to 3 weeks. Typical delivery time is 7-10 business days. Please email us with your list of tools, and your shipping address for a quote. You must pay any custom tax due in your country.


Web specials are in stock at the time they are put on the web site.  As a rule, there is only 1 of the web specials available, and it goes to the first customer to make payment. If some cases we have more than one, and you can add more than one to the shopping cart.

We offer credit terms to Top Tier companies and Fortune 500 companies, when a Purchase Order is the preferred method of doing business, and we expect to establish an ongoing relationship. Contact us to set up an open account. For a small one time order, please use a credit card or paypal. For some expensive made to order items, we may require payment in advance by Bank Wire, even if you have an open account. Unless specifically agreed to in writing and in advance, we only agree to the business terms found on our web site. 

FOREIGN CUSTOMS:   Customs tax due at the destination country is the responsibility of the buyer. Please ask your Post Office or Customs Office for an estimate of the tax before ordering!

(4.) We Ship the tools!
We ship most small orders by USPS Postal Ground Advantage. Priority Mail costs extra, and is normally 2-Day delivery to most locations in the USA. We also ship UPS Ground for larger orders when it will save you money, or UPS Next Day Air for customers in a hurry when the customer can not receive Postal shipments in time. We ship FedEx, only on customer request, but we do not ship next day using these shipping companies at this time. Shipping for the Shopping Cart is calculated by looking at the value of the order.  Some large items in the shopping cart will cause your order to default to UPS ground shipping. For more information see our Shipping section below.
We ship World-Wide. See the list of countries we have shipped to, click here.

Request  for  Quote
REQUEST: Please send us your request by email in plain text. We track all quotes by your email address. Please Do Not Fax us a request for quote. Please send a text only file by email. If you call us about a quote, please be ready to give us the email address from which you sent the request. Put one tool on each line. Include a brand and tool number with short description. It works best to include (quantity) - (brand) - (tool number) - (description) , in that order. Please include your shipping address.

Some typical lines would look like this:
1 each HAZET 2769 oil filter wrench
2 each Stahlwille 10765-7 hex keys

We will reply with a quote including payment and shipping options. All quotes are in US $ Dollars. $

EXPIRATION: All quotes expire in 7 days, unless a specific date is given when the quote is made.  We reserve the right to adjust our prices to reflect current costs.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Due to the special nature of some items, different conditions apply. Orders for some special items are non-cancelable once the order is placed, and non-returnable for restocking. Only warranty conditions would apply. These conditions will be noted when our quote is made.

DELIVERY TIME: We will honor the price, but stock status and delivery date is not guaranteed. If you need the tools, please send payment promptly.

FOREIGN CUSTOMS: Customs tax and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Please ask your Post Office, Customs Office, or Customs Broker for an estimate of the tax before ordering!

CAGE CODE: Samstag Sales has a Defense Logistics Agency  (CAGE) Code. Please ask for the Code in your request for quote.

Shipping  Options:
SHOPPING CART ORDER:  With our FREE Shipping Offer, Samstag Sales will select the best Method. It could be First Class Mail, Priority Mail, or UPS Ground. Shipping for the Shopping Cart is mostly by Priority US Mail and the shipping/handling amount is automatically calculated by looking at the value of the order. Priority Mail is normally 2-4 Day delivery to most locations in the USA. Some heavy items in the Shopping Cart will default to UPS Ground shipping. These items will have a note about UPS Ground shipping. At our option, we may also ship other orders by UPS Ground when it will save money. We use First Class Mail for small tools that weight less than 1 pound. Delivery could take up to 5 business days. If delivery time is important, please contact us before you use the shopping cart. To see the shipping rates for the shopping cart, click here.

EMAIL or PHONE ORDER: For email quotes or phone orders we have several other shipping options.  We can ship by UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Select,  UPS Gnd and the Post Office. FEDEX or DHL will delay your delivery since we do not have daily pickup with these services. We use US Priority Mail for most shipments. We have found it to be very reliable.  If you have purchased several items, we will combine them into one shipment to save you money. Shipping/handling costs vary depending on the size of the tool and the amount of packing necessary. The rate varies depending on your zip code. We use flat rate when it will save you money. 

Please Note: We do not refund shipping charges on returned items. We do not ship COD.

APO SHIPPING: We can ship small orders of $100.00 or less to APO addresses by Priority Mail. Since there is no tracking of packages sent to APO addresses, the buyer agrees to assume all the risk. We will not replace lost or stolen packages!

CREDIT CARD BILLING: Credit Cards are normally billed when your tool is ready to ship.  In stock items ship right away. In most cases we ship your order the same day payment is received. Back orders normally ship within 30 days.

CUSTOMS TAX: Customs tax due at the destination country is the responsibility of the buyer. Please ask your Post Office or Customs Office for an estimate of the tax before ordering!
We ship most small orders by USPS. Our shopping cart defauls to USPS Shipping. Basic Postal Insurance of $50 or $100 is included on Priority mail. Extra insurance is available at the option of the buyer. If you decline insurance, Samstag Sales will not replace your lost or damaged shipment. In the event of an insurance claim, we will help process the claim, but your claim is with the insurance provider.  To see the USPS zone chart, click here.

We ship for export by DHL on customer request. We can bill your DHL account. Package pickup from our location depends on the DHL schedule for our area, and could take several days.

We ship by FedEx on Customer Request. This could delay your shipment 1 day.

NOTE: The USA operations of TNT have been sold to FedEx. We can not ship by TNT.
We offer UPS shipping on customer request. We ship by next day air, UPS ground, etc., when the customer is in a hurry or when it will save the customer money when shipping a heavy package. Click here to View the UPS Time-In Transit Map for the United States. 

UPS includes free insurance coverage up to $100 in value. Additional insurance costs extra. 

International Shipping:

International Shipping can be too expensive for small low priced tools. Please consider making a larger order to lower your overall shipping cost per item.

We ship World-Wide. See the list of countries we have shipped to, click here.


30 day Satisfaction Guarantee
Samstag Sales gives a limited  30 day Satisfaction Guarantee on any item purchased from us over the Internet. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and will correct any obvious problem. Buyer must pay shipping to return the item, just as he must buy gas to drive to a store if he wished to return an item. The item must be returned in unused condition with original boxes in good condition. On tools were the buyer has simply purchased the wrong size, or the buyer just doesn't want the tool,  we will charge a 15% restocking charge.  Please make sure the tool will fit your needs before ordering! Take some measurements if possible.  Return tools showing damage or use are subject to additional charges or possible refusal of the return.  

No returns are accepted after 30 days. We do not refund shipping charges. 

For special order tools additional conditions apply, due to the special nature of some items. Any special order tool is non-cancelable once paid, and non-returnable for restocking once delivered to you.  Any order cancellation is subject to a 10% order cancellation fee. Any additional order conditions will be noted when our quote is made.

(Return Merchandise Authorization.) Starting June 20, 2002 we will not accept any returns to our Carthage Office without a RMA number. If a return is authorized, you will be given a RMA number by email. Please put the RMA number inside the package. Additional instructions will be sent with the RMA number, depending on the nature of the return. If a return is authorized, we must receive the item back within 2 weeks or the RMA is void.

Privacy Policy
Samstag Sales does not share your personal information with anyone for any reason. We do not use cookies. We only ask for the information needed to process your tool order. We will cooperate with Law Enforcement Agencies as necessary.

Please note that when you use 3rd party applications like PayPal or Google, third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information. Please consult your browser help screens to manage these cookies. The Samstag Sales domain itself does not use cookies or web beacons.

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