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Subject to availability. Samstag Sales will be happy to special order any HAZET Spare part for you. 

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Update:  July 28, 2022

HAZET 166N &162N Spare Parts
(old style - small trolley)

Blue Paint

Hazet Blau - Not available. Please find a local source. One customer recommends these blue paints:

Humbrol #48, Mediterranean Blue
Tamiya x14
Revell 51
RAL 5002

160-08 a Padlock with two keys.

160-09 Fixed Wheel, price for one.

160-011 Dual wheel swivel caster with brake. Price for one.

160-012 Rubber Mat for table board work surface.

160-013 Profiled rubber strip with black filler for table board and trays. Two piece design. The center strip will lock the outer strip in place.  About 185cm ( 6' feet) long.  Price is for one strip, enough to do one tray.
160-044 Cross member for fixed wheels. No Longer Available.
160-0119 Wheel Set, consisting of: 2 fixed wheels, 125mm, 2 swivel castors, 80mm with brake.

160-1 Profiled metal strips for mounting rubber bumper. 14mm wide.  Price is for 1 strip. Two strips are needed per tray. *No longer available from HAZET. We have 1 strip left, call or email to order.


160-6/5 Set of five separation sheets, part 160-6. Partition, 323 mm long 44mm tall, for intermediary trays. For old 166N or 162N Trolley.

160-10 Table board, complete with indexing box and chain. No Longer Available. $490.20
160-15 Indexing box for bottom intermediary tray.

160-20 Indexing box for table board, complete. Hole spacing 52mm x 37mm at centerline. Rivets are not included. Price is for one indexing box, enough to repair 1 side. These are shipped with a small piece of cardboard inside to keep the parts in place. Do NOT pull it out! This is pushed out when the post is inserted. The floating springs are held in place with a dab of grease.

160-30 Top intermediary tray, complete with indexing box. No Longer Available.
160-40 Indexing box for top intermediary tray, complete.
160-50 Bottom intermediary tray, complete. No Longer Available.
160-60 Bottom container. No Longer Available.
160-70 Pillar for 162N trolley. Stationary - these do NOT fold. With Knob. Shaft Diameter 32mm. Please Note: These are shipped with the knob unattached! You will need to install the post, install your trays, then install the knobs. Back the set screws out to lock the knob in place.
*No longer available.


160-71 Folding Pillar complete with clamping rod and knob for 166N.  Diameter 32mm.  Shipping 9 pounds. Call or eMail with your shipping address to order. Price is for 1
No Longer Available.

Set of 2 Triangular plastic knobs for pillar. No Longer Available.

166C-080 Hazet 166C-080 Clamping Rod complete with Knob.

160 Lg-01 Chain, 46 links, per pair
161-2 Table Board for documents. Metal construction with pin to mate with the tool trolley.
 HAZET 166C and 162C Spare Parts
(new style - larger trolley)

162C-5 Container for small parts. Fits the 166C or 162C Trolley.  Made of Plastic.
About 14-1/4" x 6-7/8" (362mm x 175mm).
162C-6 Partition for intermediary tray. 362mm long x 44mm tall. 
162C-09 Fixed Wheel 150mm, complete.
*No longer available.
162C-010 Table Board complete with worktop
162C-011 Swivel caster 125mm, complete with brake.
162C-0119 Wheel Set, 2 swivel casters, 2 fixed casters.

162C-030 Top Intermediary tray. No Longer Available.
162C-050 Bottom Intermediary tray. No Longer Available.
162C-060 Bottom Container. No Longer Available.
162C-070 Pillar for 162C. No Longer Available.
162C-080 Knob for 162C.
162C-01/2 Chain with locking of chain case.

166C-070 Pillar complete with knob and clamping rod for 166C
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