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Whitworth is an old British standard for screw threads and sizes. You need the Whitworth size tools to work on your old Austin, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, MG, BSA or other old British made automobile or motorcycle. Samstag Sales can supply you with a small range of Whitworth hand tools. Please email for stock status. Please click on the price to see a picture. Underlined prices have a picture.
Whitworth tools can be hard to identify. Please make sure the tools will fit your application before ordering. To help you identify the correct size. Please check our reference table. Just click here.

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Size Reference

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Special Service Tools Wrench-BA offset box
Camshaft Tools Suspension & Shocks Wrench-BA Combination
Elora 3/8" drive Sockets Tap & Die Sets Wrench -BEDFORD-
Deep Offset Double Box
Hammers Thread Lathe Gauge - SALE! Wrench - HEYCO
Double Open End
Sockets 1/4" drive Thread Tools Wrench - King Dick - Double Open End
Sockets 3/8" Elora Whitworth Hex Key Wrench - Merlin
Double Open End
Sockets 1/2" drive Wrenches Wrench - Elora - Combination
Sockets 1" drive Wrench-BA double open Wrench - Gedore - Combination
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Thread Tools
12665/52 Stahlwille 12665/52 Metric and Whitworth, Thread Gauge. This gauge will check metric threads from .25 to 6mm. And Whitworth threads from 4 to 62 tpi. The G is German for "gewinde" meaning "thread". So a blade marked 32G5/32" would be a Whitworth  5/32" inch diameter bolt, with 32 Threads per Inch, and 55 degree angle of the threads.
Stahlwille 12665/52 Metric and Whitworth
                      Thread Guage    Stahlwille 12665/52 Metric and Whitworth
                      Thread Guage

Horex 2618-112 Horex 2618-112 Screw Pitch Gauge. BSF threads. With blades sizes 4G 2 1/4 2 1/2; 4 1/2G 1 7/8 2; 5G 1 5/8 3/4; 6G 1 3/8 1 1/2; 7G 1 1/8 1 1/4; 8G 1"; 9G 7/8; 10G 3/4; 11G 5/8; 12G; 13G; 14G 7/16; 16G 3/8; 18G 5/16; 19G; 20G 1/4; 22G; 24G 3/16 7/32; 25G; 26G. Made in Germany!
See Horex Page
Horex 2636-101 Horex 2636-101 Whitworth 55, lathe gauge. Similar to Helios Preisser # 0595 140 *To Be Discontinued*
KUKKO 97-4 Thread File. Thread Restore File for Whitworth G Pipe Thread. Marked GAZ. With 4 cutting sizes.
For Pipe Size  1/8" with 28TPI.
For Pipe Size 1/4"or 3/8" with 19TPI.
For Pipe Size  1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8"  with 14 TPI.
For Pipe Size >1 for pipes 1" and above with 11 TPI. 

Price on

British Pattern Hammers
PICARD 0001001-0100 English Pattern Cross Pein Hammer. With 100g (3-1/2 oz) head. Wooden Handle. Overall Length of 270mm (10-1/2"). Same as KUKKO-TURNUS part number 346EP0100. Made in Germany!


GEDORE Germany- 1/4" drive British Sockets
20 0BA
Gedore 20 0BA 1/4" Drive British Association Socket *Limited Quantity *No Longer Available. We only have 2 left.

20 BA-9 Set
Gedore 20 BA-9 Set 1/4" Drive British Association Socket Set, set of 9 sockets. With size 0BA, 1BA, 2BA, 3BA, 4BA, 5BA, 6BA, 7BA, 8BA.
**This set is No Longer Available from Gedore Germany. We have some individual sizes left in stock as show above.

Elora 3/8" drive Whitworth Sockets

New Old Stock Elora 870W-Set5 Whitworth Socket Set 3/8" drive with size 3/16W, 1/4W, 5/16W, 3/8W, and 1/2W.

GEDORE Germany- 1/2" drive Whitworth Sockets

Gedore D19WWSet-7 Whitworth Socket Set 1/2" drive, Set of 7 sockets. With 12 points. Includes size 3/16W (6138780), 1/4W (6128860), 5/16W (6138940), 3/8W (6139080), 7/16W (6139160), 1/2W (6139240),  and 9/16W (6139320). Note: These tools will be discontinued, we have a few sets left!

Gedore D19-5/8W 1/2" drive, Whitworth Socket 5/8W, 12 point, chrome. (6139400)
Gedore D19-11/16W 1/2" drive, Whitworth Socket 11/16W, 12 point, chrome. (6139590)
Gedore D19-3/4W 1/2" drive, Whitworth Socket 3/4W, 12 point, chrome. For Rolls-Royce Axle nut. (6138430)
Discontinued. Discontinued.


GEDORE Germany- 1" drive
Whitworth Sockets
( NO Longer Available )

D 21 15/16W
Gedore D 21 15/16W (6178730) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 15/16W, 12 point chrome
D 21 1W
Gedore D 21 1W (6178810) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1W, 12 point chrome $188.32
D 21 1.1/8w
Gedore D 21 1.1/8w (6179030) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1.1/8W, 12 point chrome $188.32
D 21 1.1/4W
Gedore D 21 1.1/4W (6179110) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1.1/4W, 12 point chrome $187.07
D 21 1.3/8W
Gedore D 21 1.3/8W  (6179380) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1.3/8W, 12 point chrome $199.56
D 21 1.1/2W
Gedore D 21 1.1/2W (6179460) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1.1/2W, 12 point chrome $222.28
D 21 1.5/8W
Gedore D 21 1.5/8W (6179540) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1.5/8W, 12 point chrome $210.63
D 21 1.3/4W
Gedore D 21 1.3/4W (6179620) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 1.3/4W, 12 point chrome $254.75
D 21 2W
Gedore D 21 2W (6179700) 1" drive, Whitworth Socket 2W, 12 point chrome $321.33

Special Service Tools

KL-1780-10 KA
Klann KL-1780-10 KA Locking Tool Set for Rover.  Suitable for the Rover Diesel and petrol engines (inclusive of Di and 16V) as found in Austin Maestro, Montego; Hoda Accord, Civic, Integra, Odyssey, Prelude, Shuttle; Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Freelander; LDV 200 Series, Sherpa; MG Express, MGF, TF, ZR, ZS, ZT, ZT-T; Rover 25, 45, 75, 100 Series, 200 Series, 400 Series, 600 Series, 800 SeriesCDV, Metro, Streetwise. (Engine codes: 10P, 14K16, 14K2A/D, 14K4C/D, 14K4F, 15P, 16K16, 16P, 18K16, 20HD, 20HD-M8, 20HD-M16, 20HD-MI6, 20M4, 20M4G, 20T, 20T2N, 20T2R, 20T4, B16A1, B16A2, B18B2, B18C2, B18C6, B18C7, B20A1, B20A2, B20A5, B20A6, B20A7, B20A8, B20A9, D16A8, D16A9/Z4, F18A2, F18A3, F18B2, F18B4, F20A2, F20A3, F20A4, F20A5, F20A6, F20A7, F20A8, F20B3, F20B5, F20B6, F20B7, F20Z1, F20Z2, F20Z3, F22A1, F22A3, F22A5, F22A7, F22A8, F22B1, F22B3, F22B5, F22B6, F22B8, F22Z2, F23A1, F23A7, F23Z2, F23Z5, H22A1, H22A2, H22A4, H22A5, H22A7, H22A8, H23A1, H23A2, H23A3, K1.8, K16, K16-1.1, K16-1.4, K16-1.4+, K16-1.6, K16-1.8, K18, MDi, MDi/BB, TN44)

Price on

KL-1780-12 KA
Klann KL-1780-12 KA Locking Tool Set. To prevent the camshafts from turning or to keep them in a specific position and to adjust the timing belt tensioner when changing a timing belt or during engine repairs. Applicable for Rover 2.0 and 2.5 V6 TwinCam engines (KV6) engines Rover 45, 75 and Land Rover Freelander.

Call for your discount price!

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Suspension & Shocks

KL-0026 Front Coil Spring Compressor Jaguar XJ-6. Call or email for your discount price!!

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Tap & Die Sets, BSF , BSW
Exact of Germany. Exact EX00832 BSW 5/16" Hand Tap. With 18 TPI. Set of three. High-speed steel.

EXACT  05178
EXACT 05178 BSW tap and die set in a nice wooden case with lift out tray. The top tray includes hand taps and dies for Whitworth size 1/8W, 3/16W, 1/4W, 5/16W, 3/8W, 7/16W and 1/2W. For each tap size you get a taper tap, 2nd tap and plug tap.  The bottom tray includes 5 die stocks to hold the dies in size 20x5, 20x7, 25x9, 30x11, 38x14, a large tap wrench, and a small tap wrench. The taps and dies are made with HSS High Speed Steel. Supplied by EXACT GmbH of Remscheid Germany and made in the European Economic Area. Wooden case 28-1/4" x 9" x  2-1/4" size.  Shipping 18 Pounds. Call or email with your address for a quote on this set.

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Special Sizes
Available - Subject to Prior Sale

British Standard Pipe Parallel - British Standard Tapered Pipe

1/8-28  BSPP CARB-STEEL HEX DIES  # 388800
1/4-19 BSPP HS HEX  USA  DIES # 388802
1/2-14 BSPP TAPS # 9430032 CLEVELAND -USA
2-1/4"-11 BSPP TAP FETTE GERMAN # 435222
3/8-19 BSPT  USA TAPS # 9431024  
3/4-14 BSPT  # 9431048 USA
7/8-14 BSPT  JAPAN # 9431056

Price on Request

Whitworth Hex Keys

Whitworth Hex Keys. Whitworth Allen Head Socket Cap Screws. No such thing exists!
Please try using metric hex keys.


Wrench - BEDFORD - Deep Offset

BEDFORD Deep Offset Double Box End Wrenches. 12 Point. Chrome Vanadium Steel. Set of 2 wrenches. Marked with Whitworth and British Standard size.

(1.) Bedford Number: (RW1416) 1/2W x 7/16W
(2.) Bedford Number: (RW1214)  3/8Wx7/16W.

USED. Good condition. Minor rust and scratches. This pattern is no longer available from our German suppliers. We are happy to offer these used wrenches in working condition. Made in England.
-------    SOLD!     We are looking for more.    -------



Wrench - Heyco - Double Open End
Heyco 333
Vintage HEYCO W-Germany type 333 Double Open End Wrench. 5/16W x 1/4W Whitworth Size. About 6" inches long. Chrome Plated. Good Used Condition. Marked "Special Alloy Steel".
SOLD! We are Looking for another one.
Heyco 333 Withworth Wrench
(Pic 2)  (Pic 3)  (Pic 4) Loc 46C

Wrench - King Dick - Double Open End

King Dick
SLW Wrench Set
Vintage King Dick SLW Double Open End Wrench Set, 4 piece. Samstag Sales is happy to offer you this set of 4 King Dick wrenches. The wrenches are bright chrome plated and are marked with Withworth and British Standard sizes. The wrenches have signs of use such as surface scratches on the finish. Included in this set are the following:

  • SLW 607 - Size 7/16W x 1/2W (1/2BS x 9/16BS)
  • SLW 606 - Size 3/8W x 7/16W (7/16BS x 1/2BS)
  • SLW 604 - Size 1/4W x 5/16W (5/16BS x 3/8BS)
  • SLW 602 - Size 1/8W x 3/16W (3/16BS x 1/4BS)

(Pic 2)   (Pic 3)    (Pic 4)



Wrench - Merlin - Double Open End
Vintage British Whitworth Double Open End Wrench 7/16W x 1/2W size.  Fair used condtion for the age. Marked AT8010 and Chrome-Vanadium. About 9-1/4" long. Also marked on the heads with the inch size .820 and . 919. This could be a wrench from the war years made for the British Air Ministry for use on Rolls-Royce Merlin Engines. We do not have the complete history on this wrench. SOLD!
Looking for another one.
AT8010 Whitworth Wrench
( Pic 2
( Pic 3) ( Pic 4) ( Pic 5) ( Pic 6) ( Pic 7)
Loc 46C

GEDORE Germany- Whitworth Combination Wrenches
. Markings for the BS and W size. For more info, see the size reference table.


Gedore 1/8W Combination Wrench 1/8W, 138mm in length, 4.3mm thick open end. Code 6009540. No Longer Available.
Gedore 1B-3/16W Combination Wrench 3/16W, 158mm in length, 5mm thick open end. Code 6009620. No Longer Available, Limited Quantity in Stock.
Gedore 1B-1/4W Combination Wrench 1/4W, 185mm in length, 6mm thick open end. Code 6009700. No Longer Available
(Pic 2)
(Pic 3)
Gedore 1B-5/16W Combination Wrench 5/16W, 210mm in length, 6.7mm thick open end. Code 6009890. No Longer Available, Limited Quantity in Stock.
Gedore 1B-3/8W Combination Wrench 3/8W, 245mm in length, 7.7mm thick open end. Code 6009970. No Longer Available, Limited Quantity in Stock.

Gedore 1B-7/16W Combination Wrench 7/16W, 280mm in length, 8.7mm thick open end. Code 6010040. No Longer Available, Limited Quantity Stock.
Gedore 1B-1/2W Combination Wrench 1/2W, 305mm in length, 9.3mm thick open end. Code 6010120 No Longer Available.  $72.70
1B-5 W

Gedore 1B-6 W Combination Wrench Set of 5 wrenches, Size  3/16W, 1/4W, 5/16W, 3/8W, 7/16W. See the size chart here. No Longer Available from Gedore, we have a limited quantity in stock.


Gedore 1B-9/16W Combination Wrench 9/16W, 340mm in length, 10.3mm thick open end. Code 6010200. No Longer Available, Limited Quantity in Stock.
Gedore 1B-5/8W Combination Wrench 5/8W, 370mm in length, 11.0mm thick open end. Code 6010390. No Longer Available.
Gedore 1B-11/16W Combination Wrench 11/16W, 390mm in length, 11.2mm thick open end. Needed on new Bentley GT Belt Tensioner. Code 6010470. No Longer Available.
Gedore 1B-3/4W Combination Wrench 3/4W, 412mm in length, 11.8mm thick open end. Code 6010550. No Longer Available.
Elora Germany- Whitworth Combination Wrenches
205-W 1/8
Combination Wrench 1/8W. Type 205. Around 150mm (6") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel.
205-W 3/16
Combination Wrench 3/16W. Type 205. Around 160mm (6-1/4") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel.
205-W 1/4
Combination Wrench 1/4W. Type 205. Around 175mm (7") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel.


205-W 5/16
Combination Wrench 5/16W. Type 205. Around 215mm (8-1/2") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel. 
205-W 3/8
Combination Wrench 3/8W. Type 205. Around 255mm (10") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel
205-W 7/16
Combination Wrench 7/16W. Type 205. Around 270mm (10-5/8") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel
205-W 1/2
Combination Wrench 1/2W. Type 205. Around 318mm (12-1/2") long. Chrome-Vanadium Steel

Set of 6 Elora British Whitworth size combination wrenches, type 205 with 15 degree offset box end, and polished head on the open end. With size 1/8W, 3/16W, 1/4W, 5/16W, 3/8W, 7/16W.



ELORA Germany- BA  Double Box Wrenches
Set of 3 double box end, shallow offset wrenches. Small British Association size wrenches. Sizes include: 6BAx4BA, 4BAx2BA, 2BAx0BA.

ELORA Germany- BA  Double Open End Spanner

Elora 156Ba-6x4 British Association Double Open End Spanners, BA6 x BA4, 85mm long

Elora 156Ba-5x4 British Association Double
Open End Spanners, BA5xBA4, 80mm long
(not in set below)


Elora 156S-5BA Set of 5 type BA wrenches. with size 1x0, 4x2, 5x3, 6x4, 8x6

ELORA Germany- BA  Combination Spanner

Elora 202BA-6 British Association Combination Spanner, BA-6, 80mm long
Elora 202S 4BA Combination wrench set consisting of 6, 4, 2, 0 BA sizes.


If you are looking for wentworth tool size conversion, or wentworth tools, you must have spelled it wrong.
The correct spelling is Whitworth.

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Size Reference

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