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Favorite LINKS
Driving Test Sample Auto Museum Map
Driving Test Sample has compiled a map of automobile and motorsport museums in the United States. Check the map out to find your local museum.
Visit midrive
Midrive makes learning to drive easier and safer for everyone, by providing free learner and instructor apps and only matching learners with the best local instructors. Currently in the UK.

"Helping improve worldwide communication through accurate, localized translations". Day Translations offers a complete range of translation services.

Check out CSRG Racing. To see a video of Martin and #40 burning up the Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point) track, click here.
Yoav Liberman Design
Fine Woodwork. Studio Furniture, Sculptured Pieces, Decorative Art and Design.
Porsche Diesel
The Porsche Diesel Registry is a great resource on the Porsche Diesel Tractor. 

YouTube Slingshot Channel.  Joerg Sprave makes some amazing slingshot weapons. Like this pump action slingshot! and more. You have to see this. Click here or on the picture of Joerg. And be sure to visit his web site

Swap Meet, Car Show & Events. The Deutsche Classic All-German Automotive Event will be held at the Oley fairgrounds in Oley PA on Saturday July 14th, 2018.  Don't miss this show!
Foreign Language Services
Foreign Language Services (FLS, Inc.) provides technical translation and interpretation services to customers in over 80 languages. They can trnslate (1.)Legal documents, patents, case translations, and certified translations. (2.)Government. Contracts, documentation, and technical. (3.)Commercial and Industrial. Technical manuals, books, and instructions; sales and marketing support literature. (4.)Health and Human Services. Newsletters, surveys, IEPs, manuals, HIPAA documentation, and end-user communication.
German Made Shoes.
German Language Video Center
Rent or buy your favorite video. The German Language Video Center has the best selection of German Language videos in the US. They have everyting from Classic German Movies, Operas, Cartoons, Soccer, Historical Newsreels, and more! They even have movies with English subtitles. The AA1Car Auto Diagnosis Repair Help website is your source for expert auto repair advice and information.
Academic Earth
How cool is this! "Free online video courses from leading universities. Academic Earth is an organization founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education." You can go back to school! Turn off the video game and get to class now.
Around Town

Clinton-Gore Store on Main Street in Carthage TN.

SCHS Homecoming Parade Friday, September 19, 2014

PIC 2) (PIC 3)

SCHS Homecoming Parade Friday, September 16, 2016

BALCOMBE Engineering
DIN Flanges. Balcombe Engineering Manufactures Australian made Flanges, Pipe flanges, steel flanges, din flanges, Tube Plates, Boilers, Spectacle blinds, Weld Necks and Bleed rings.
Hermann Sachse Since 1901 Hermann Sachse has produced products for wood surface refinement in their factory in Berlin. See their selection of  lacquers, colors, waxes, pickling and oils for wood finishing.
Save the Internet
Don't you love having a wide open Interstate highway to drive on? Isn't it nice that even rural areas have electricity in the USA? Let's make sure the Internet gets the same opportunity to grow. Let's make sure  high speed Internet access is available everywhere to all.  Save the Internet!
Applied Language Solutions
Need a Free Translation? Try the free online translation tool from Applied Language Solutions. Be sure to also check out their professional interpreting service and website translation service.
Deutschland (NID) e.V
Germany was warning about the bad health effects of cigarette smoking long before the tobacco litigation in the USA. Visit the Nichtraucher-Initiative Deutschland e.V to find the current news on smoking bans.
Unoffical website for GTI 16V owners and water cooled enthusiasts in general. Check out the owner registry!
Automotive Diagnostic & Repair Training Software
Robert Bentley service manuals. A great source for VW and other manuals.
Werkzeug-news is a fantastic resource for the  do-it-yourself enthusiast or craftsman looking for hard to find German tools. 
944 Ecology Porsche Parts
Visit 944 Ecology for used and rebuilt parts for Porsche 944 automobiles. 
Vist the German Deli for great German food! Want something good to eat? The German Deli has an amazing varity of grocery items, impossible to find anywhere else! 
The Bolt Depot
The Bolt Depot has a great selection of metric nuts and bolts, with an easy to use shopping cart system. Buy just one, or a whole box!
The werkzeug-forum is a open information and discussion platform for the topic of tools and their application. Based in Deutschland, it is in the German language.
Deutsche Welle
The German Radio Service. Listen in live on the Internet! in German or English.
Visit the German Corner Classifieds!
The German Corner is a great German-American Resource Guide. 
German Life
We have advertised in German Life magazine. It is a great publication for anyone intereseted in German-American culture, history, and travel. It is printed mostly in English, with some German.
Montie created a great web site with detailed information on the HAZET Round Toolbox. He also provides information on the roll-up tool pouch and other rare tool kits. You may have seen one of his articles in a VW Club newsletter. [ Montie passed away awhile back, but his wife will keep the web site going for now. ]
NZZ Executive
Neuen Zürcher Zeitung. Hunt for an Executive Job. Read advise from business experts.
Schlossadler International Wines
If you like fine German made wine, then you will love Schlossadler Wines. They have a complete selection of German wines and tips on serving wine with food in their German Wine & Food Pairing Guide 
Lingo24's ContexTrans service. This free tool combines both Machine Translation (MT) and Translation Memory (TM) technologies and allows you to search for real-world translations of a word or phrase between two languages.
Tansparant Language
Need to learn German? Check out this web site.
Deutscher Fussball-Bund
German Soccer Association. Germany was host for the 2006 Football World Cup and put in a very good showing. 
The Samba is an aircooled VW Web Site. A great resource for Volkswagen restoration and repair.

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