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World-Wide German Hand Tool Consortium
Samstag Sales can be an Independent Sales Representative for your German tool. Unabhängiger Verkaufsrepräsentant für Ihr deutsches Werkzeug.
If you represent a German tool company wanting to expand into the US market, please let us know.

Samstag Sales does limited test marketing of your German Brand free of charge . We would be happy to see a copy of your product literature or catalog of German Made tools. We are always looking for new tools marked "Made in Germany".
We receive sales leads from all over the earth. If we are unable to fill an order, we forward sales leads to the German tool company with the product line best suited to fill the order.

Join the World-Wide German Hand Tool Consortium and watch your sales volume grow! To join, simply mail us a copy of your catalog of German Made tools, or email us with your web site address. Samstag Sales is the Internet Switchboard for the World-Wide German Hand Tool Consortium.

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