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About us
Samstag Sales is an importer and distributor of German Made hand tools. We operate a warehouse and sales office in Carthage Tennessee from where we ship tools all over the world. We do not have a retail location and are not open to the public at this time. Our customers include the weekend mechanic, professional mechanic, independent repair shops, auto dealerships, service and repair centers, small factories, heavy industry, government agencies, government research labs, military installations, and we suspect an occasional secret facility.  We supply all the major German brands and many special tools from small lesser known German companies. Although we have lots of tools  for  AudiBMWMercedesPorsche, and VW, we can also supply industrial tools. If not in stock, we can special order almost any German tool. Samstag Sales is also the self proclaimed Internet Switchboard for the World-Wide German Hand Tool Consortium. If we are unable to fill your request for a special tool, we will forward the request to someone that can. Contact us today!

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