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Samstag Sales will special order the HEYCO brand.  A minimum order of $500 could apply. Heyco makes great tools and they were original equipment in some BMW trunk toolkits. We have some tools in stock as you find on this web page.
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Last Heyco Update: January 10, 2018

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Expert Nautic Expert Nautic Sport Tool Kit was a special tool kit for the seafaring professional, boat owners, and the aquatic sports. Perfect for the Yacht owner. No Longer Available.

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Metal Working
1781 Heyco 1781 Small plastic oil bottle, 25ccm, 1/16 pint. About 115mm (4-1/2") tall. With end cap attached to nozzle. Note: Remember to cut the tip when ready to use.

1/4 Drive Tools
25-07-CPP Heyco 25-07-CPP 1/4" drive swivel handle. 155mm in length. Chrome plated. Extra nice. Textured grip with hole for Tommy Bar. Tommy Bar not included.  Out of stock.


29-3010 M8 Heyco 29-3010 M8 29 piece Socket Set with 1/4" drive. With nice metal storage box and a good selection of tools. You get sockets 4-13mm. Flat screwdriver tip sockets 6.5 and 5.5, PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4 phillips tip sockets, hex bits 8, 6, 5, 4, 3mm Ratchet, 2 extensions, t-handle, spinner handle and u-joint. Metal box 320mm x 120mm x 38mm.

Oil Service
495 Heyco 495 Oil drain plug wrench. With 9 square sections for oil drain plugs, 1 slotted section for oil barrel plugs. Chrome-Vanadium steel, chrome plated. 220mm (8-3/4") long.

1/2" Ratchets & Drive Tools
50-00-10-R Heyco 50-00-10-R. Ratchet Repair Kit. 1/2" drive. For the 50-00-10 Varicat Ratchet.

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3/4" Ratchets & Drive Tools
100-00-5 Heyco 100-00-5 3/4" drive Reversible ratchet head 72 teeth. DIN 3123 B. Chrome finish. 165mm in length. 1090g.

100-01-1 Heyco 100-01-1 Ratchet 3/4" drive, 490mm (19") long. With push through plug used to change direction. Plug can be removed to use with other tools. NOTE: Use only sockets with a hole or release pin to access the lock pin. Special Order.

100-03-1 Heyco  3/4" drive Sliding T-Handle. Part Number 100-03-1 , made to DIN 3122 A standard. Length  485mm (19") inches. Weight 1460g. Chrome finish.


100-03-6 Heyco 100-03-6 Tommy bar - Tyre Lever. To be used with 100-00-5 ratchet head or 100-03-05 sliding head.
100-03-8 Heyco 100-03-8 Tubular extension handle. 475mm in length, 1125g. NOTE: This item used with tommy bar Heyco number 100-03-6.

100-04 Heyco 100-04 3/4" drive chrome extension bar. 200mm in length, 550g. DIN 3123B.

100-05 Heyco 100-05 3/4" drive chrome extension bar. 400mm in length, 1050g. DIN 3123B.

100-06 Heyco 100-06 3/4" drive chrome universal joint. 110mm in length, 535g, DIN 3123C.

100-07 Heyco 100-07 3/4" drive chrome swivel handle. 500mm in length, 1770g. DIN 3122F. Only use perforated sockets, or sockets with a release button with this tool.
100-14 Heyco 100-14 3/4" drive chrome reducer. 3/4" to 1/2" drive. DIN 3123A. 60mm in length, 160g.

100-15 Heyco 100-15 3/4" drive chrome converter. From  3/4" female to 1" male. DIN 3123A. 60mm in length, 325g

100-16 Heyco number 100-16. Push through plug for a 3/4" drive ratchet. About 52mm (2" Inch) long if you don't count the push button. It has a push button release pin for the ball end. The socket end will lock into place. Be sure you use a socket with a hole in the side or you will not be able to release the pin and remove your socket!


49-5 VDE
Heyco 49-5 VDE Electrician Tool Kit.  Modern in design, space-saving with a large assortment of first class quality tools. The compact and modern styled box, which is manufactured from polypropylene is shock-proof, resistant to impact, temperature, oil, acid and petrol. Contents with IEC 900/DIN EN 60900/VDE 0682 part 201 certification. Plastic box 370x270x56mm

       Kit Includes:

  • 1208 VDE CPV 160mm
  • 1213 VDE CPV 140mm
  • 1220 VDE CPV 160mm
  • 1411 VDE BV  PH No. 1 2
  • 1427 VDE ST 65x3mm
  • 1436 VDE BV 75x2.5  100x4  125x5.5mm
40% Off!
1411 No. 02 Heyco 1411 No. 02  Cross Slot Screwdriver (01411000280)

1430-125 x 6.5
Screwdriver without hex bolster-(Heyco 1430-125x6.5mm green handle) 8-3/4" long.


1437-125 x 6.5 Screwdriver with hex bolster. It has a green handle and is 9-1/4" long. Heyco 1437-125 x 6.5
Same as BMW special tool number 71 11 1 103 190. Buy it on our BMW Page.


1450 VDE Heyco 1450 VDE Screwdriver Set. Chrome Vanadium BV= Gun-metal finish, insulated complying with DIN EN 60900.
Set Includes:
4 Flathead Screwdrivers 1436 VDE Sizes 2.5x75, 4x100, 5.5x125, and 6.5x150mm
1 Flathead Screwdriver, and Voltage Tester, 1424 N Size 3x65mm
2 Phillips Head Screwdrivers, 1411 VDE Sizes No. 1 and 2
*Temporarily Sold Out. Shopping Cart Button is off.


1456 C
Heyco 1456 C Screwdriver Set Including 7 Screwdrivers:
  • Type 1430  blade size 150 x 8
  • Type 1430  blade size 125 x 6.5
  • Type 1435  blade size 60 x 2.5
  • Type 1435  blade size 75 x 3
  • Type 1435  blade size 100 x 3.5
  • Type 1411 PH1
  • Type 1411 PH2

1460 C

Heyco 1460 C Torx Screwdriver Set Including 8 Screwdrivers:
  • Type 1415-T8
  • Type 1415-T9
  • Type 1415-T10
  • Type 1415-T15
  • Type 1415-T20
  • Type 1415-T25
  • Type 1415-T27
  • Type 1415-T30
This is the Heyco model 1479 screwdriver with a green plastic handle and reversible blade. One end has a phillips #2 tip, the other end is 6mm wide flat blade. The screwdriver is only 5-5/8" inches long with the blade installed. Perfect for your glovebox, kitchen drawer, or backpack. These have a square shaped, clear green plastic handle. It fits some BMW tool kits that will accomodate this larger 15/16" squared handle. Please measure your tool kit opening. Out of Stock

Sockets - 1/2"
50-12-1/2 Heyco 50-12-1/2 Socket, 1/2" drive, 12 point, 1/2".
Sockets - 3/4"
100-6-27 Heyco 100-6-27 Socket, 3/4" drive, 6 point, 27mm.

100-6-32 Heyco 100-6-32 Socket, 3/4" drive, 6 point, 32mm.


Tire Tools

1856-3 PCL Air Technology TPG1H01 Pocket Tire pressure gauge. This tool is about 4-3/4" inches long with pocket clip and protective cap.  It is dual reading 6-50 PSI and 0.5-3.4 bar. Resolution of 1 lb or 0.1bar units. Accuracy +/- 2 PSI. Made by PCL and supplied by Heyco.
$ 27.89


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