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 Heyco Germany
Tool Number: 61-55-M/AF

(No Longer Available from Heyco, this page for information only)

The Heyco expert nautic Sport is a special tool kit for the seafaring professional, boat owners, and the aquatic sports. It is good for sailing and motorboats. The tools have a special surface coating  to protect against seaweather and water damage. The kit includes metric and American Standard tools. The lid has an O-ring seal, and inside is a yellow flotation cushion. The kit will float in water, even with its contents. Seawater, as you may know from your own experience, is very aggressive and Heyco recommends you follow an aggressive maintenance routine as well. The tools need to be cleaned and dried after each use.The set is covered by the standard HEYCO guarantee. HEYCO "will replace free of charge any tool indicating faults of material or workmanship, further liability, however, is excluded."  The warranty will not cover normal wear and tear.  In the following list Heyco will show the number of tools, then below that the number of sizes in ( ) that the tools will fit. Since some tools will fit both metric and standard fasteners, the size range listed is higher than the actual number of tools on some items in the kit.The Kit includes 50 items, plus case and flotation cushion.

USA List Price 2009: $1183.15
Last Sold For: $921.09

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