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Small handy appliance for support of vehicle system self-diagnosis, especially in mobile use in the workshop yard or on the road. 

The closed pocket-sized folddown case protects the display and keypad against damage and dirt. The optimum viewing angle for the display can be adjusted with the swivelling top section of the case. The display is illuminated, which means the appliance can also be used where light is poor in the engine and passenger compartments. 

The program memory is easily updated with a chip card. Designed to access the electronic control and diagnostic systems such as Engine, Diesel Pump, Gearbox, Clutch, Brakes, ASD, ASR, SRS, Electrical Roof Control, Dash Panel and AC/Heating. 

Functions include control unit version interrogation, recall and erase fault codes, final control diagnosis, read running values, reset or program computer modules and set adaption controls.

Volkswagen V.A.G. 1552 Tester
Design and featuring

Operating voltage:
Power consumption:
  approx. 400 mA
   Shock-proof plastic with sealed keypad
  Illuminated LCD module
  Two-line, 40 characters each
  Character height approx. 5 mm
  5x7 matrix

Dimensions WxHxD:
  190x 140x55 mm
  approx. 0.85 kg

Scope of delivery:

Tester unit with Diagnostic leads V.A.G 1551/1 cable for old 3 wire OBD , and V.A.G 1551/3 cable for new 16 pin OBDII systems.
Program card US # 6, also available Great Britain, Spanish
Warranty 12 months 

Covers Years 1988-2002.
Other language options available, at additional cost. Spanish, Great Britian English, 
Dutch, French, etc.
Please Note: For year 2002, this unit will not enter 7-digit codes needed for security functions, like the ones needed to make keys. This feature is available to authorized factory dealers only.

List of Functions:
01-Interrogate control unit version
02-Interrogate fault memory
03-Final control diagnosis
04-Basic setting
05-Erase fault memory
06-End output
07-Code control unit
08-Read measuring value block
09-Read individual measuring block

Warranty: One year from the date of delivery. Service provided by the German Company. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear and damage arising from improper use. 

WARNING! Installation of aftermarket radios or Volkswagen radios not produced for use in 1999 Model Year and newer vehicles can (1) affect various vehicle systems connected to the CAN Bus. (2) Cause severe damage to the VAG 1551 and VAG 1552 scan tools! DO NOT attempt to connect a scan tool to any vehicle in which an incorrect radio has been installed UNLESS the radio wiring harness has been modified! The Data Link Connector wire K must be removed from the radio wiring harness connector and taped back. See service Bulletin Number 99-01 Group 91 dated Feb 5, 1999. Volkswagen of America reference C 91-99-01. Phone (615)-735-3388

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