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Volkswagen Vehicle System Tester V.A.G. 1551
*No Longer Available ! ( This page for information only )

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V.A.G. 1551 Vehicle System Tester

The -  V.A.G. 1551 - self-diagnosis tester has been designed to assist the workshop personnel in finding and rectifying faults. The front of this easily operated unit contains the display, the keypad, the printer, and the connection socket.

The display consists of two lines of 40 characters in length, and combines a character height of 13 millimetres with good contrast; it can thus be read from several metres away. This display provides both the information readouts and precise guidance for the operator on how to use the verious functions. 

The control elements are in the form of a contact sheet keypad with specific pressure points.

A 40-character thermal printer is employed to provide documentation of fault texts, test data and operating instructions. The printing operation is initiated by pressing the PRINT key.

At various positions within the individual operating levels the tester offers explanations (HELP message in display) to assist the operator in working on this level. The printer provides a hardcopy of the texts when the HELP key is pressed.

The connection socket and its ancillary diagnosis cable provide both the voltage supply and the link to the diagnosis connection in the vehicle. 

All the functions of the unit are controlled by software contained on an easily- changed program card. This makes it possible to adapt the tester to the latest developements conveniently and inexpensively. The slot for the program card is located in the rear section of the upper housing shell, where it is protected by a cover. The program card is available in different language versions.

A communications port is located at the rear of the tester. Together with the communications port distributor, (V.A.G. 1700 tester cart) this port makes it possible to print out displays of information from the 
 -V.A.G.1715 multimeter
 -V.A.G.1767 ignition tester
 -V.A.G.1788 4-component 
   exhaust tester. using the tester's own printer.

Design and featuring

Operating voltage:
Power consumption:
  approx. 400 mA
   Shock-proof plastic with sealed keypad
  Two-line, 40 characters each
  Character height approx. 13 mm
  Good contrast.


Dimensions WxHxD:
  190x 140x55 mm
  approx. 0.85 kg

Scope of delivery:

Tester unit with Diagnostic leads V.A.G 1551/1 cable for old 3 wire OBD , and V.A.G 1551/3 cable for new 16 pin OBDII systems.
NO Warranty

The Used- VAG1551 comes with:
(1) Basic Tester unit - blue box
(2) Diagnostic wire lead V.A.G 1551/1A cable for old 3 wire cars
(3) Diagnostic wire lead V.A.G 1551/3 cable for the new 16 pin OBDII systems.
(4) Operator Manual
(5) Spare Roll Paper. (Thermal Print) USA Phone:

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September 10, 2019