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HAZET Assistent 166C and 162C

Samstag Sales
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Last Updated (SM2): January 5, 2021
Please Note: The new model of the HAZET Assistent comes in 2 versions. The 166C has folding pillars, the model 162C does not.  Samstag Sales is accepting orders for this new box with shipment direct from the HAZET warehouse. The box will come to you unassembled. You will need to install the pillers, trays, and casters. The completed 162C box is 725 x 398 x 1098mm (28 1/2" x 15 3/4" x 43" tall). The completed 166C box is the same size, but will also fold down to a height of 639mm (25"). Tools are not included.

Color Picture of the box with tools.

Link to HAZET Homepage.

HAZET Tool Guarantee.

Spare Parts.

Current Suggested List Price for the 166C with folding pillars is: 
$2,302.40 each.

Current Suggested List Price 162C is: 
$2,012.90 each.

eMail us with your shipping address for the current Discount Price $.

Shipping/Packing is Extra-
UPS ground and insurance, $45.00
Alaska and Hawaii excluded.
Please request a shipping quote.

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