Samstag Sales Fine German Hand Tools

Dealer in Fine German Made Hand Tools Since 1997
Carthage, Tennessee USA (615) 735-3388

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Last Update:  August 14, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions
In this section we answer some questions you may have about Samstag Sales. 
Question: Who is Mr. Samstag? Answer: Samstag is the German word for Saturday. Our business began years ago with the need for a special tool to repair a Mercedes. We were already selling stuff on Saturday and soon decided to concentrate on fine German Made hand tools. When we decided to start a tool business, we named the business Samstag Sales. 
Question: Do you rent tools? Answer: Not at this time. We have done some testing of a rental program, but decided not to rent tools at this time. We may try again in the future.
Question: How come when I do a currency conversion on the DM price, your dollar price looks so high? Answer: The DM price is set for the German Market. The DM price is only good in Germany. Soon it will be the Euro, but neither one can be used to compare prices in the US. We must add customs taxes, customs broker fees, international fax/phone charges, and international shipping costs to the DM price to arrive at a dollar price. Please compare prices to other US dealers.
Question: Do you accept PayPal or BillPoint? Answer: We are not accepting BillPoint at this time. We began accepting PayPal on August 7, 2000. You can pay with PayPal if you would like. 
Question: Where is the meeting? Answer: In the conference room. Click here.
Question: Can I come by and pick up the tools? Answer: Not at this time. Samstag Sales does business over the Internet, we are similar to a mail-order company. We operate a sales office and warehouse operation. We do not have a retail operation with display shelves or cash registers. Our office is not open to the public at this time.
Question: Can you tell me how to adjust the camshaft drive belt on my 1978 Audi Fox? Will the HAZET 2587 wrench work? Answer: No. We do not offer technical advise. There are too many cars and too many years, and too many ways to put them together. Although we provide some information on our web site, please consult a service manual or experienced mechanic to make sure you are ordering the right tool. 
Question: I sent you a PayPal payment, why haven't you claimed it?  Answer: Please check the spelling of our PayPal email address one letter at a time. If you spelled it wrong, you will need to cancel the first payment, and send another one. Our address for payments is:
Question: Did you change your eBay user id?  Answer: You will notice a new eBay user ID for us. To better identify our company, our new eBay user ID is: samstagsales
Question: Do you take American Express?  Answer: Yes, we began taking American Express on June 12, 2002
Question:  Can I send you a request for quote by fax?  Answer: Please do not fax us a request for quote. Please send your request by email. Fax printouts are hard to read and every bit of the information must be retyped to send you a reply. Sending information by fax is an expensive and time-consuming activity left over from the 1960's. Please join the New World Economy. Use email!
Question:  Can you ship by UPS?  Answer: Yes, when it is the best method. We began daily pickup on Oct 10, 2005
Question:  Do you have a Shopping Cart?  Answer: Yes, we added a PayPal Shopping Cart to the web site on February 14, 2007. 
Question: Are instructions included with the tool?  Answer: Instructions are almost never included with special tools. The use is usually covered in the service manual for the car. Or by training a mechanic receives provided by the dealership. We do not offer technical advise. If you feel like you don't have the skill to use any tool, please do not order the tool.
15. Question: Do you offer financing? Answer: Samstag Sales does not offer financing. However PayPal has a financing offer. See Below.


16. Question: What happened to your logo? Answer: Samstag Sales used a German eagle logo in the past. Lots of people use a similar eagle when selling German products. To better identify our company we have a new "chequered flag" logo with German colors.
Old Logos:
New Logo:
Samstag Sales Fine German Hand Tools

17. Question: Do you have a Defense Logistics Agency  (CAGE) Code?  Answer: Yes we received our code on June 17, 2016

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