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Sir Tools is a manufacturer of special service tools for the Automotive Repair Professional. Samstag Sales is an authorized dealer for Sir Tools. They design and manufacture special tools for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen automobiles. The tools are made in the US or Hungary. We keep some frequently needed tools in stock, or Samstag Sales can special order any Sir Tools product for you with shipment direct from the factory warehouse. To see a picture of the tool, click on the price in the price list. Please email us with your shipping address for a quote. 
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Sir Tools 4491-B Oxygen Sensor Socket. 12 Point, Split 22mm, 3/8" drive.

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Part Number
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Sir Tools Master Kit - Gear Box Bearing Extractors are comprised of over thirteen (13) components. Designed to "GRAB HOLD" of the inner race of bearing like an EAGLE CLAW, when no other surfaces are exposed. Extraction of the bearing is accomplished by rotating the center bolt of 242-BODY until the polished steel ball tip bottoms out on a protruding shaft or blind hole. The 242-BODY along with the Extractor Collet and bearing to be extracted all secured firmly together, work their way up the threaded center bolt. It is applicable for gearboxes, transmissions, trans axles, transfer cases, wheel bearing housing of European, several Asian and Domestic vehicles. International bearing numbers: 6204, 6205, 6206, 6304, 6305, 6306. Available as O.E. or replacements from SKF, NSK, FAG, etc., (Federal Mogul, Torrington drop the 1st digit).  Special Order.

Holding and securing fixture for Extractor Collets. The outer sleeve constricts the Extractor Collets onto the inner race of bearing securing a firm grip. Extraction of the bearing is accomplished by rotating the center bolt of 242-BODY until the polished steel ball tip bottoms out on a protruding shaft or blind hole. The 242-BODY along with the Extractor Collet and bearing to be extracted (all pieces secured firmly together) work their way up the threaded center bolt. It is applicable on Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW Liquid-Cooled and Audi, Porsche and VW Air-Cooled. Special Order.
. You will need the 242-Body and one collet to make a complete tool. Select the collet for the size bearing you are removing. For deeply located bearings you will need the extension tube to reach over extra long shafts. Below you will find available collets. These will grab the Outer Diameter of the inner race
8 Fingered Collet, range 44.50 to 41.50mm. Brg. # 6306 - European, Asian, Domestic: BMW = Getrag 262, '80; main shaft/output shaft: Getrag 265, '91-'85; drive shaft/input shaft: Getrag 265, '82-'80; drive shaft/input shaft: Getrag 265, '91-'85; rear counter shaft: Mercedes Transmission # = G 76/18, G 76/18A, G 76/18B, G 76/27, G 76/27A ,G 76/27/5: Porsche = 356 rear wheel bearing, all years: VW = Type 1, 2, 3, rear wheel bearing, all years Specific applications for this collet range from AM GENERAL to VW.

7 Fingered Collet, range 37.00 to 35.00mm


7 Fingered Collet, range 41.00 to 38.50mm
8 Fingered Collet, range 40.50 to 38.50mm 
9 Fingered Collet, range 42.50 to 40.50mm
7 Fingered Collet, range 43.50 to 41.00mm
7 Fingered Collet, range 32.00 to 30.00mm
7 Fingered Collet, range 48.00 to 45.50mm 
Extension Tube. 4" extension Tube. For deeply located bearings.


Body Tools

ST 9030 Sir Tools ST 9030 Professional Pry Master Set, 11pc. includes durable canvas storage pouch.
*Special Order


Brake Tools

ST 9020-Kit Sir Tools ST 9020-Kit  Pneumatic Brake Service Tool EVOLUTION Magster Kit, comes complete with 15 press pads. Applicable to most every Wind-Back rear brake caliper piston up through 2010.
*Special Order

Tie Rod Ball Joint Separator needed for disassembly of pitman arm type tie rod ends without tearing the ball joints boots. It is applicable on some older Mercedes models and most every older BMW model.

Heavy Duty Clamp designed to carry the full weight of an air-cooled twin turbo Boxer-6. Used in conjunction with tool number P 201 and allows for full 360 degree rotation of motor. This clamp is properly suited for a work bench.

Single End Thin Long Wrench 32mm open end, 8mm thick and 20" long.  NOTE: Due to the length of this tool, it could cause your order to ship UPS Ground. We will ship the best way.
Thin Double End Wrench - (32 x 36mm)  8mm overall thickness and a length of 12" inches. Useful for a variety of specific tasks. It is applicable on Mercedes Benz, VW Liquid-Cool and Audi and Porsche.
Thin Long Single End Wrench - 36mm size, 20" long and  8mm thick

Pilot Bearing Puller - (15 -20mm) designed to extract bearings  with an I.D. of 15mm up to 20mm. For bearing use only, not bushings. It is applicable on most models and most foreign and domestic mid-size to full-size vehicles. 
Replacement Puller Prongs - (2)
Replacement Bolt
Heavy Duty Pilot Bearing Puller - (17 - 30mm) Important: Removing the center bolt of this puller will allow the prongs to penetrate an I.D., as small as 17mm. Do not use on an I.D., larger than 30mm. It is applicable on medium to heavy duty vehicles and trucks.

Replacement Prongs - (3)
Replacement Bolt
Oxygen Sensor Socket. 12 Point, Split 22mm, 3/8" drive.


12 piece Fold-Up Wire Terminal Extractor. This tool can be referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" of wire extractors. This is a very handy tool that folds up and slides together inside itself to make a compact storage unit. This kit is equipped with: Tube-Spring Loaded-3.3mmx28mm; Square blade-1.4mmx19mm; Flat blade-1.5mmx24.75mm; Flat blade-2mmx23mm; Fork blade-8mmx24mm; Flat blade-screwdriver-3/16"x1.00"; Tube-3.3mmx28mm; Tube-4.3mmx13mm; Tube-3.75mmx13mm; Tube-3mmx13mm; Flat Twin Blade-1.6mm; Flat Twin Blade-3mm. These bits release DC wiring from it's harness connector of sensors. With all bits folded up inside the orange case this tool measures 3.5"x1.4"x1.6".
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B 90 Sir Tools Master Kit for Rear Wheel and Front Wheel Drive (Complete) - For most every make and model with a singular Solid Roller Wheel Bearing (S.R.W.B.) and Independent Rear Suspension (I.R.S.). Designed to extract and/or install hubs. Built in self-centering mechanism and incorporates a roller thrust bearing. Includes molded carry case and printed instructions! 

The case will have some empty locations to allow room for the B90-15 upgrade kit. The B90-15 parts are NOT included. The old case was blue plastic, the new case is bright green.
****To view the instruction manual click here.******
*Temporarily Out Of Stock. Cart button is off!
This shopping cart button is for UPS ground shipping to the 48 States only. If you are outside of this area please email for a shipping quote. (ship 38 pounds)

NOTE: For bearings up to 100mm O.D. an upgrade kit is available
separately. See the B 90-15 upgrade kit. "


B 90-BMW
Wheel Bearing and Hub R&R kit with plastic storage case. It is specially designed for BMW and is for most every 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 series models from the early '80's to present with S.R.W.B. and I.R.S., including A.W.D 
B 90-M  Mercedes -R&R Kit, ship 27lbs, designed for all Mercedes Benz W 124, W 129, W 201 and W 202 chassis models with S.R.W.B. and I.R.S. NOTE: Not the only kit on the market to extract the Hub w/o a slide hammer. Detailed instructions of the procedure is included. Packed in a plastic storage case. (This sub kit will include only the parts needed for this application.)
B 90-P Special kit designed for 911, 912, 914, 924, 928, 944, 968 and Boxster models with S.R.W.B. and I.R.S. Excluding the Hubs of 914's. 356 models, see tool #242-A.   - or -
Sub-Kit = Porsche model 
B 90-P1 = 911, '73-; 912; 914; C4 (front wheel bearing only) '89+. 
B 90-P2 = 911 (non-Turbo) '74+; 924 & 944, '85+; 968; Boxster. 
B 90-P3 = 911 (Turbo) '90+; 928
NOTE: To extract the Hub w/o using a slide hammer on Porsche models (excluding 356 or 914) part#'s B 90-3 along with B 90-3J are needed. Detailed instructions of the procedure is included. 
B 90-P1 Porsche (Early) - R&R Kit *See note (see description of B 90-P)
B 90-P2 Porsche (Late) - R&R Kit *See note (see description of B 90-P)
B 90-P3 Porsche (Turbo & 928) - R&R Kit *See note (see description of B 90-P)
. *Note:* Sir Tools recommends that you also buy the B90-3 and B90-3J to make it easier to extract the hub. .
B 90-RWE Rear Wheel European - R&R Kit
B 90-VA VW & Audi - R&R Kit specially designed for Volkswagen (liquid-cooled) & Audi models from the early '70's to present with S.R.W.B. and I.F.S., including A.W.D. 
B 90-VW VW (water cooled) - R&R Kit
B 90-15
Upgrade kit for up to 100mm O.D. Bearings. This upgrade kit comes with 4 parts.
The kit includes:
Base for  Spacer Sleeve      B 90-15A
Spacer Sleeve                      B 90-15B
Adapter Ring-Extra Large B 90-15C
Pusher Washer                    B 90-15D

Spare Parts for B 90 Wheel Bearing Kit

B 90-1 Elongated Bolt with O-Ring
B 90-1A Replacement Thrust Bearing for the B 90 Set.  Note: Please lubricate before use! 


B 90-2 Elongated Nut
$ 19.99
B 90-3 Bracket. Note: If buying this spare part, be sure to check to see if you need the bolts. See B 90-Bolts
B 90-3H Horseshoe Adapter - (Small)
$ 47.50
B 90-3J Horseshoe Adapter - (Large)
$ 47.50
B 90-3VA Horseshoe Adapter - (Medium)
$ 49.99
B 90-4 Spacer Sleeve
$ 39.99
B 90-5 Base for Spacer Sleeve
$ 39.99
B 90-6 Pusher Washer
$ 35.00
B 90-6H Pusher Washer
$ 35.00
B 90-7 Pusher Washer
$ 35.00
B 90-7H Pusher Washer
$ 35.00
B 90-8 Pusher Washer
$ 39.00
B 90-8A Pusher Washer
$ 39.00
B 90-9 Adapter Ring - (Small)
$ 42.50
B 90-10 Adapter Ring - (Medium)
$ 43.50
B 90-11 Adapter Ring - (Large)
$ 45.00
B 90-12  Pusher Washer 
$ 41.00
B 90-13 Pusher Washer
$ 41.00
B 90-14 Pusher Washer
$ 36.50
B 90-15A
Base For R&R of 89-99mm O.D. Bearings
B 90-15B Spacer Sleeve For R&R of 89-99mm O.D. Bearings
B 90-15C Adapter Ring For R&R of 89-99mm O.D. Bearings
B 90-15D Puck For R&R of 89-99mm O.D. Bearings
B90-Bolts Set of 2 Bolts for the B90-3 Bracket

Suspension - Strut
Sir Tools
Sir Tools ST9050 Portable Strut Master.  Adjustable jaws. For specifications see the information page
NOTE: Special order. Call or eMail for your discount price.


{Click on the price for picture}
BMW 3021-A Replacement 14mm x 14mm. Threaded Rod. Special Order.
BMW 3021-B Replacement 14mm Nut without Thrust Bearing. Same as old number BMW 3021-1B

BMW 3021-C Replacement 14mm Nut With Thrust Bearing. Special Order.
BMW 3021-D Replacement 14mm x 12mm. Threaded Rod
BMW 3021-E Replacement 12mm Nut With Thrust Bearing
BMW 3021-F Replacement 12mm Nut without Thrust Bearing  **NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!

Camshaft Tools

Sir Tools 2727
Sir Tools 2727 Universal Cam Spoke Lock-Vise *Special Order


PC-B 90 Plastic Storage Case for Wheel Bearing & Hub Kit. Good for any of the bearing kits. It will allow you to add parts as needed. Big enough for the Master kit. About 16x18x7 inches. The old case was blue plastic, the new case is bright green.


PC-1  Storage Case - 12"x8"x4" 
PC-2  Storage Case - 12"x6"x4" 
VA 6024 Counter Holder needed for securing the power steering or water pump pulley from rotating during R&R of the three bolts that attach the pulley to the crank shaft. Applicable: VW V-6 engines, '92+; VW/Audi 4 & 5 cylinder gasoline or diesel engines, '75+.

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