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PLEASE NOTE: This equipment is No Longer Available from Mercedes Benz or Samstag Sales. This web page is for historical reference only. Contact us for more information or alternate sources. 

Mercedes (HHT)

Hand Held Tester
6511 0001 99

Basic Unit:
6511 0001 99
Dornier Deutsche Aerospace

Test Manual Models 124, 129, 140
Module 9/92 Version 1.71

Software Cartridge
6511 2000 13 09/92

6511 0040 99
Multiplexer Test Cable

6511 0160 99

140 589 14 63 00

Diagnostic socket needed on older Mercedes Benz Models W129 and W140. Some people call this a mushroom adapter. It is a socket for the 38pin connector that converts the connection to banana jacks for easy testing.

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