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Samstag Sales is an independent authorized reseller of HAZET Tools.  In the past we have sold and stocked HAZET Club items. In the interest of providing a better selection of hand tools, we will no longer offer the Hazet Club items. We will keep this page as a reference in the event you find an older HAZET Club item.
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Last Update: Oct 1, 2019

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NOTE: This page is for Reference Only. Samstag Sales will no longer offer the HAZET Club items.
GOLD Plated 851 Socket Set

Genio Hat Pin
Here is a hat pin featuring the HAZET mascot "Genio". Genio is a combination of "Genial" and "Genesis". This pin is about 1 3/8" tall. It has a spike on the back and includes a round spring clasp to hold the pin in place.

CL2245 Music CD- "Party Tools" with 15 different songs


CL2252 Computer Mousepad

CL2260 Bit-Box, (Bitbox) a mobile tool case. 4 slotted and 4 PH bits and adapter for bit magazine holder. Handy and small!

CL3001 Ashtray, (Aschenbecher) For nut and bolt storage, Please don't smoke! 

Glass Ashtray, (Aschenbecher) For nut and bolt storage, Please don't smoke! 100mm in diameter. 

CL3007 Autobecher Edelstahle- Car mug made of stainless steel 

CL3008 Coffee insulation mug with removable lid and coaster bottom. 120mm tall. Cup will hold 8 ounces of liquid.


CL3015 Bottle Opener , (Kapselheber), coin shaped, gold plated. Supplied in a HAZET Club pouch.

CL3021 Key Ring, featuring the 166N box, excellent detail.

CL3022-270024 Hazet Logo Sticker 150 x 52mm.

CL3022-270025 Hazet Logo Sticker 211 x 74mm 
CL3022-270027 Hazet Logo Sticker 304 x 106mm
CL3022-270031 Hazet Logo Sticker 400 x 139mm
Hazet Logo Sticker 475 x 165mm 
CL3022-270041 Hazet Logo Sticker 592 x 208mm
CL3023 Hazet Logo Sticker 680 x 238mm. For vehicle labeling, inside and outside advertising. 
CL3024 HAZET Logo sew on patch, Large, about 4-3/4" wide, 2" tall.
CL3025 Small patch- Hazet logo

CL3026 Lanyard. Trendy-key or tag holder. Detachable plastic clip with snap hook.
CL3038 Manicure set "Zwilling". High quality German-made grooming set! 
CL3039 Swiss-card. The size of a credit card. Combined with a letter opener/knife, scissors, straight pin, nailfile with screwdriver, plastic toothpick, ink pen, one pair of tweezers and a ruler that measures cm and inches. It is Frosted Blue, 82mm in length and 54mm in width.

CL3042 Pins, small and gold tone. Hazet logo

CL3045S Tie Clip of Hazet Combo wrench, Silver tone (Krawattennadel - Maulschluessels)

CL3046S Tie Clip of Hazet box wrench, Silver tone (Krawattennadel der Ringschluessels)

CL3047 Hazet Badge Tie Pin, (Anstecknadel) 

CL3048 Pin- silver. Hazet logo

CL3049 VW-Sharan model with Hazet logos, (VW-Sharan Modell des Hazet-VW)

CL3052 Toy Truck, Sprinter, Mercedes, 1:87 scale HAZET Tool Truck

CL3053 Toy Truck, Vario, Mercedes, 1:87 scale

CL3054 Toy Model, VW Van Bully 1 7/8" long.

CL3055 Hazet Historic Lorry, 1:87 scale.


HAZET Tool Van

CL3056 Hazet, toy truck, MB Actros, 1:87 scale

CL3057 Hazet, minitruck MB Actros, 1:87 scale

CL3070 Hazet toy truck, railway carriage, 1:87 scale

CL4008 Golf Umbrella, (Golf Shirm - klein)

CL4011 Shoe polish box. Complete and portable. Neutral shoe polish, gloss sponge, shoe brush, cleaning cloth, and shoehorn. Brown case. 168mm x 75mm

CL4016 Men's watch. carbon-fiber, leather strap, and luminescent dial. Waterproof up to 30m.

CL4020 Glasses case. Changes from blue-black to silver-black. Also can store pens, etc.

CL4021 Ice/Sun protection for your dash. Easy fastening, suiting for all window sizes. 1750x 640mm

CL4022 Printed sheet metal coffee tin with plastic lid and steel clip. 8" x 4.5" x 3".
CL4504 T-Shirt Dark Blue, nice HAZET Logo Sizes Small to XXL

CL4505-L Hooded sweatshirt jacket, Navy with yellow Hazet lettering.

Hazet Club Neck Tie. This tie is dark blue, black and gold striped and it measures 56" in length.


CL4508-XL Sports shirt, polo type, navy with yellow collar. with Hazet club logo

CL4511-L Hazet overall- An original workshop overall "Formula One"

CL4512 Yellow Vest. Warning Wastecoat for you car.  Universal size. Neon yellow with grey strips. Velcro fastners.

Hazet Baseball cap, 100% cotton, with adjustable back strap.

CL4538 Tipp-Kick classic play football set. 2 kickers made of metal, 2 goalies, two goals, balls, and fleece field.

CL4539 Hazet golf balls- Titleist
CL4540 Cooler bag. Size 280x190x40mm. Great for lunches, picnics, or outdoor use. Hazet Blue

CL4541 CD storage bag. Holds 24 music or data disks.

CL4542 Business bag/case. This bag has an inside main compartment to carry any and all of your documents, zipper area for more documents or your laptop, area for four pens and a business card pocket. On the outside there is another zipper pocket on the front flap and a back pocket that snaps. This great bag comes with a shoulder strap and carrying handle. The bag measures 370mmW x 340mmH.

CL4543 CD bag including CD "Party Tools" 15 hits of the 80's and 90's

CL4544 Mult-purpose pen. Includes red and black ink, highlighter and a pencil. Neat!

CL4547 Zippo Lighter, (Feuerzeug...ZIPPO)

CL4557 Old-Style sheet metal plate, tin sign.

CL4558 Vacuum Flask. All temperature. Ideal for sports or work. Hot or Cold.

CL4567 Scan radio with light. Earplugs as well as belt clip included. Very small size-120x25x15mm. Batteries included.

CL4568 USB Stick. 128 MB of storage capacity.

CL4569 SPECIAL - USB Stick Plus Hazet Zugmaschine Mercedes Benz Actros Minitruck
CL4570 Hazet Pack of Cards, (Skatspiel), for the game of Skat. With 32 cards as needed for this game.

HAZET Fencing Pliers



HAZET Polo Shirt with Porsche Logo

Ink Pen

HAZET Canvas
Shopping Bag

Aerospace Sticker

"No Problem Houston"


HAZET TIN Sign featuring the old 166 tool trolley

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