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(since 1781)

OX-HEAD (OCHSENKOPF) is a division of the Gedore company. OX-HEAD makes a complete selection of forestry equipment like Axes, Hatchets,  Mauls, Wedges, Drawing Knives, etc. These are made with high quality German steel and wood grown in the USA. These tools are priced 5 times as much as your everyday store brand, and worth every penny. Please download the Ox-Head catalog to find a tool number. All OX-HEAD tools are special order from Samstag Sales. If you know the tool number of the OX-HEAD tool you want, please contact us with your shipping address for a quote.

Here is a new camping hatchet from OX-HEAD (OCHSENKOPF) of Wuppertal Germany. OX-HEAD has been making fine quality forestry tools since the year 1781. This is the number OX 235 E-0602 Forestry Hatchet with an ash wood handle and head painted Yellow. It has a 600g (1.3 Pound) head made of fine German steel, with just the right size for packing to your campsite. The cutting edge is around 4 inches long, with more weight toward the cutting edge, making for a better balanced tool. The handle with head is about 360mm (14 inches) long overall. The head is fine polished. For Safety in shipping it is not extra sharp. Like most new hatchets, it will need be sharpened to a razor edge. Supplied with a protective vinyl sheath. Samstag Sales is an authorized distributor of OX-HEAD forestry tools.  $59.99


Here is a special gauge made by OX-Head of Germany. Oschsenkopf is the German name for the company. They have been making fine quality tools since 1781. This is the model OX 448-0000 tool. This is a small flat metal gauge with notches used to measure the angle of the cutting edge on your competition axe. It is about 70mm long (2-3/4").  It will measure 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 degree. Needless to say, the Germans are very precise when taking any measurement! If you want to win, you must have this tool!  Buy Now: $29.99

   Download Ox-Head Catalog

Competition Throwing Axe OX 18 H-1206 Code (1591630)

OX 18 H-1206 Throwing Axe (1591630)

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